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Cremation Services FAQs: Things To Know When Opting For Cremation

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People choose to be cremated over traditional burial for many reasons. Whether it is for religious purposes, to save money, or simply a personal preference, cremation can bring about a few questions. Take a look at common questions people tend to have regarding cremation services as they make their own final arrangements. 

Can you still have a funeral if you choose cremation? 

In the event you prefer to be cremated, you can hold a funeral service before the cremation takes place. This allows time for the next of kin to spend time with you in a casket and for a traditional funeral service to be carried out. You can also still opt for pallbearers who will carry the casket from the funeral service area to a separate holding area if you choose. 

Is cremation legal in all states?

Cremation was once regarded as not acceptable by certain religions. Therefore, a handful of states did not offer cremation to residents. Nevertheless, laws restricting cremation are not currently in place in any state, nor have they been in the past. However, there are laws surrounding certain types of cremation. For example, "water cremation" which is technically alkaline hydrolysis is illegal in nearly 30 states

When can your family pick up your cremated remains?

Depending on your state, there may be a 24 to 48-hour waiting period after an individual passes away before they can be cremated. There may also be other variables that affect how long it takes, such as the facility's operating hours and whether or not you opt to hold a funeral. Be sure to talk to the funeral home director to find out the specifics of when your family can expect to pick up your cremains. 

Will the funeral home provide an urn?

The funeral home may offer a basic urn as part of your service package. Most funeral homes will also allow you to pick out a preferred urn from a collection they have on-site or from a third-party provider if you want something special. If you intend to order your own urn that you wish to be used, be sure to place the urn in a safe place and let your closest relatives know where to find it. They can give the urn to the funeral home before your cremation. 

Can you have your cremated remains buried?

You can opt to have cremated remains buried if you choose. Some cemeteries offer urn gardens specifically for the purpose. However, you may also be interested in buying a plot or securing a plot in a family cemetery for the urn burial as well.