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4 Common Myths Surrounding Pre-Planning A Funeral Service

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Are you considering pre-planning your funeral? If so, there are a few misconceptions to get out of the way so you can go through the process as an educated buyer. Take a look at some of the most common misconceptions about pre-planned funeral services.   

Myth: You can't make changes to your plans after they are made. 

The funeral service arrangements you make now may not be the same funeral services you would make in the future. Funeral home directors understand that times and preferences can change. Therefore, after your plans are made, if something arises that makes you want to change some aspect of your service, simply reach out to the funeral home and let them know. For example, if your burial preferences change due to getting married, this is something that can be notated in your pre-arrangement documents. 

Myth: If the price goes up later, you will have to pay more for your services. 

When a funeral home makes arrangements with a client for a pre-arranged funeral, they will offer them a price according to current pricing models. Pre-arrangement may not lock in these prices, but once your bill is paid in full, your arrangements are locked in place. Therefore, if you pay $5,000 for a funeral service now, and you pay for those services in full, you will not be expected to pay more if the costs reach $7,000 by the time you pass away. 

Myth: You can't get a refund if you plan your services at one place and need to change later.  

In the event that you make plans at one funeral home and need to cancel those plans later, there may be a possibility of canceling your plans and requesting a refund. Different funeral homes can have their own policies, and these policies can be influenced by the laws in the state. However, if you are granted a refund for what you have paid, you may face cancellation fees. 

Myth: You have to pay for everything up-front when you pre-plan a funeral. 

When you schedule a consultation to pre-plan your funeral services, you will not be expected to pay the full amount up front. In most cases, the funeral home will simply set up an account with you and you can make payments to pay for your chosen options over time. Every funeral home can have its own protocols when it comes to helping clients pay for services, however. Therefore, this is an important question to ask as you get started. 

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