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Planning Your Own Funeral: 3 Considerations For The Funeral Program

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When you are planning your own funeral, you may feel a little weird at some points during the process. Whether you are planning for an event that you don't anticipate occurring for many decades or facing the inevitable during a serious illness, it can be strange to plan a service that you won't be around to witness. Many people forget to plan a very important part of the memorial service: the funeral program. However, this is something that many people will take home and keep in remembrance of you, so you want to make sure to do it your way. Here are three considerations when planning the funeral program.

Consideration #1: You Can Stop the Spread of Unflattering Photos

Let's face it. Nearly everyone has been to a memorial service where it seems the relative chose at least one photo that would make the deceased person cringe. You don't have to worry about people seeing photographs of you that don't represent the real you in the funeral program. Instead, you can choose your own photographs that will appear in the program. This also allows you the chance to pick the photos that have great meaning or even pictures with your closest loved ones.

Consideration #2: You Can Explain Your Music Choices

The average funeral program lists the music that is played and when the hymn of comfort will be sung. However, when you are designing your own funeral program, you can also elaborate. You can choose to explain a couple of sentences about why certain songs were chosen. For example, if you chose to play Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust", you may have a note with it stating that it was picked with the hopes of bringing laughter to the day, and you may remind a loved one of a certain memory associated with a chosen song.

Consideration #3: You Can Include a Thank You Section Directly from You

Although the thank you section of a funeral program typically comes from the family and involves a note of gratitude to those who may have helped, you can also add a thank you section directly from you when you are planning your own funeral. Simply have an introductory note above it that establishes how you wanted to say a thank you to the following loved ones. This allows you some last words in a public way, so be sure to take your time to compose the thank you note in a thoughtful way and include all your nearest and dearest ones.

Finally, keep in mind that planning your own funeral has many advantages. It is always worth it because it provides the peace of mind in knowing that you have taken a huge burden off your loved ones who remain behind, and they will be so appreciative.