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3 Tips For Pre-Planning A Cremation

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In this day and age, many people are opting to pre-plan and pre-pay for their final arrangements so their family does not have to feel stressed when they are mourning the loss of a loved one. If you have decided that you would like your body to be cremated after death, you may wonder what steps you have to take to ensure that your wishes are followed. Use the following tips to plan and fund cremation services:

Decide Whether You Would Like a Funeral or Memorial Service

Many people incorrectly assume that choosing cremation means that a person can't have a traditional funeral service. In fact, you can choose to plan a traditional funeral prior to the cremation taking place. If you would like a traditional funeral service with a viewing, you can work with a funeral home to make arrangements; the funeral home you choose to work with can also coordinate the transfer of the body to a church or where ever you would like the funeral service to take place.

You may also opt to have a memorial service after cremation has taken place. When you choose this option, you can still have many of the same things as a traditional funeral, but instead of your body being present, your family can elect to bring an urn that contains your cremains.

Make a Plan for Your Cremains

How you would like your family to handle your cremains is a very personal choice. Some people want their families to keep the cremains in their home, while other people would prefer to have their cremains scattered in a location that is special to them or buried in a cemetery. When pre-planning your final arrangements, make sure that you note how you would like your cremains handled by our loved ones.

Choose Cremation Products

If you would like to have a traditional funeral service prior to cremation, you will need to think about a casket. You may opt to purchase a casket that will be used for both the service and the cremation, or you can talk to a funeral home about just renting a casket for the funeral service and using an alternative container for the cremation itself. 

In the event that you would like your family to keep your ashes, you should look for an urn that you like. If you would like your cremains to be buried in a cemetery, make sure you find out if your preferred cemetery has any regulations regarding the container that cremains must be in prior to burial. For assistance, talk to a professional like American Cremation Society.