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Creating A Customized Funeral Service For Your Loved One

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While funerals are solemn occasions, some people choose to turn the wake and funeral into a celebration of the loved one's life. Here are just a few ways you can take this idea and put it to work for your family.

Announce A Dress Code

Traditional funeral wear is modest and slightly dressy, such as suits and dark-colored dresses. However, if your loved one preferred a certain type of look, you may want to announce a dress code in the obituary. If your loved one preferred spending time on a beach in Hawaii or surfing, you might ask people to wear a Hawaiian shirt or flowered dress to the services. A relative who refused to dress up for any occasion might be honored by having everyone wear jeans and t-shirts.

Bring In Personal Items

Bring personal items that were beloved by the dearly departed and make them part of the floral display. A cyclist's bike or artist's easels draped in flowers are just a couple of ideas you can gain inspiration from for this idea. Talk to other family members about the different items you can bring to celebrate your loved one's life. Smaller personal items may be placed in the casket as well.

Choose A Themed Casket

Caskets don't always have to be plain wood boxes. There are many casket options on the market today that let you say goodbye to your loved one in a more special way. Avid sports fans can be buried in caskets bearing their favorite team's name and logo, and musicians can be buried in caskets with musical notes or instruments painted on the sides. In the very sad event that you have to bury a child, you can select from caskets with superhero, princess or cartoon themes.

Create A Soundtrack

Create a custom playlist that can be played at the wake and funeral. Choose music that he or she loved, and don't be afraid to add a few upbeat songs as well. They can evoke happy memories loved ones might want to share, or remind loved ones of a particular time they spend with the departed. Your funeral director can help you to create the list and set up the sound system for the service.

Don't be afraid to get creative with your plans for a loved one's funeral. Making it both a way to honor your loved one's memory and celebrate his or her life is one way you and your family can get through the grieving process. For more tips talk with your funeral director or Elmwood Meunier Funeral Home.