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Tips To Help You Find Closure And Begin The Healing Process After A Loved One Passes Away

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If your loved one has recently passed away, find closure and begin the healing process by trying the following tips. As a result, you may feel more at peace and be able to cope with your daily life without feeling hopeless.

Grief Counseling Session

Speak with a grief counselor at the funeral home that you are holding the memorial service at. You can speak honestly about any feelings that you are experiencing while a caring person listens intently and offers you words of encouragement. The counselor may be able to suggest some ways to keep your loved one's memory alive and help you process your feelings.

Speaking about how the event has impacted you is very important and will help release pent up emotions that could cause you to become depressed or withdrawn. It will also allow you to feel connected to another human being and reduce feelings of loneliness.

Memory Poster

Bring a piece of poster board or card stock to the memorial service that has photographs of your loved one and written statements about them displayed across it. While at the memorial service hang the poster of memories on one of the walls so that all of the guests can see it. If you feel like verbally discussing what you have displayed, stand in front of the guests, before or after the service, and describe each item that you have attached.

Sharing some of your fondest memories of your loved one will be a great way to commemorate their life and will help you remember positive moments that have helped shape your own life. After the memorial service is over, hang the poster inside of your home so that you can reflect on it whenever you are feeling sad or miss your loved one.

Discussion And Prayer Ceremony

Invite guests to partake in a prayer ceremony at the cemetery or outside of the funeral home. Stand in a circle with the others while holding hands. Take turns speaking positively about the recently deceased and any concerns that are currently being experienced. Encourage each person to recite a prayer if they would like to, as well.

Draw strength by listening to what others have to say and realize that you are not the only one feeling sadness and despair. You may be able to increase your bond with some of the guests and spend more time down the road speaking to them about how you are feeling as a result.

All of these ideas will help you cope with the recent death and may help you overcome the negative feelings that you have been experiencing. In the future, you may be able to think positively about your loved one and realize that they are no longer suffering and are in a better place. Contact a business, such as Gillies Funeral Chapel, for more information.