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Exploring Memorial Reefs For A Burial At Sea

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If a loved one in your family is passionate about the ocean or spends a lot of time at sea, he or she may ask to be buried at sea after their death. While you may know about some cremation services, one option that you may not know about is the memorial reef. For those who have always imagined a burial at sea, this may be the answer. Here's a look at what you should know about memorial reef burials.

What Is A Memorial Reef?

Memorial reefs are reef structures molded and crafted from an environmentally-safe, marine-friendly concrete that's used for various types of marine structures. The concrete powder used for these cast structures is mixed with the cremains of your loved one so that they are permanently memorialized at the bottom of the ocean. Once molded, the reef is placed in the location chosen by the deceased or their family member where it becomes a permanent part of the marine environment.

Who Can Be Part of A Memorial Reef?

Memorial reefs are ideal options for anyone who is considering cremation and wants to be a part of a structure like this. Most reef structures can accommodate several people, making them a great choice for families or even for someone who wishes to be buried with their pets.

What Can You Expect From the Memorial Reef?

After you deliver the cremains to the reef company, you'll choose the structure of the reef. Then, once the concrete is cast and cured, it'll be time to start planning the memorial trip. You'll be able to bring family members, friends and other loved ones out to the burial site, where a memorial will be held aboard the boat. Once the memorial is finished, the reef will be placed on the ocean floor. In most cases, there will be several reefs buried at a time, so there will be several families aboard when you go out to sea. You should also have time to get rubbings of the plaque that's placed on the reef. This makes a unique memento from the memorial service.

Now that you understand the basics of memorial reefs, it is easier to see why a loved one might opt for this. With a clear understanding of what you can expect, you'll be better prepared for the memorial. For more information and guidance through the process, reach out to a pre-planning and memorial reef company, such as Serenity Sea Burials.