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Selecting the Right Urn to Remember a Loved One

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Dealing with the death of someone you love can be very difficult, and during that time you'll need to make some important decisions. If the deceased decided to be cremated after their passing, but didn't choose an urn, you may need to select the urn that will hold their remains. The urn that you select will be the way that you honor them in the afterlife, and will be a representation of the life that they lived. It's important to make sure you select the best urn that will be appropriate for them, and one of these three options may help you.

Scattering Urn

While some people want their ashes kept in the urn, others prefer that their ashes are scattered in a place that is special to them. Many urns are permanently sealed once the ashes are inserted into them, so it's important that you consider a scattering urn that allows you to fulfill their wishes.

Scattering urns will have a cap that is easy to remove, and will make it easy to have an ash scattering ceremony. You can still hold onto the urn afterwards as a tribute to your loved one, even after the ashes have been scattered.

Personalized Urn

Urns can be personalized in a way that will best let you pay tribute to your loved one. A popular option is to have the deceased's picture displayed on the urn in a way that it is permanently part of it. There can also be etchings on the urn that help you remember the life that they lived. Other options include a box that their ashes will be sealed inside of, but an opening where you can put a possession of theirs to remember them by.

Military Urn

If your loved one is an armed forces veteran, you can honor their service through the urn. There are urns that can integrate the many aspects of their time in the military to serve as part of their memorial. It can include the branch insignia that they served in, any honors they received, and their military rank. It can be a great way to remind younger generations of your family about the sacrifices your loved one made during their life.

Still not sure about what urn to select? Talk with a company that handles cremation services, such as Holmes Funeral Home, for a little help to decide how to best choose an urn.