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4 Situations Where Cremation Is The Best Choice

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Your loved one may have expressed their desires to have a traditional funeral that included an open casket viewing at a funeral home and a burial at a cemetery.  Unfortunately, factors out of your control may not make that possible.  You may come to the conclusion that a cremation will be the best choice in one of these 4 situations.

The Funeral Cannot Happen Right Away

It can be difficult for family to quickly get together because death is usually sudden.  People may need to come into town from far away, or there may be a weather emergency that makes it difficult for people to travel immediately.  It may not be possible to have the funeral as planned, causing complications with holding onto the body.  Cremation can be best in this situation since all you will have is the urn, and the funeral can be at your convenience. 

The Death Happens Outside Your Home Country

If you are traveling outside the country with your loved one because of a vacation when they pass away, it will be expensive and difficult to transport the body.  If the country you are in offers cremation services, it will be an ideal choice for logistical and financial reasons.

The Cause Of Death Makes A Viewing Complex

One of the reasons for preferring a viewing is for family and friends to have one last chance at seeing their loved one.  Unfortunately, an accident can make restoring their body a costly and challenging endeavor. If you cannot pay for these additional restoration services, it is okay to follow an alternative plan that will not result in a financial burden.

It's also possible that their body will look off after performing restoration procedures and cause a lasting impression with the family that doesn't feel right. Cremation makes it easier for the family to forget about the body and focus on remembering their life.

Your Financial Status Changes

Many people rely on money from insurance to pay for their loved one's funeral, but financial situations can change over the years.  If the money is needed elsewhere, understand that it's okay to not have a funeral that is exactly how your loved one wished.  Cremation is one way to reduce the cost so that insurance money can go towards things that are more important to help your family get by.

Now that you are aware of some situations where cremation is an acceptable alternative, you'll consider it when the time comes. Contact a local funeral home, such as Romero Family Funeral Home Corp., for further assistance.