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Selecting The Right Inscription For Your Loved One's Grave Marker

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Engraved headstones have long been the way to create a lasting memorial for a departed family member. It is a way to express a family sentiment or personal belief of the person. There are many approaches to the inscription that you choose for the headstone. Here are a few ideas to start you thinking about how you want people to remember your loved one.

Traditional Memorial Inscriptions

Walk through a cemetery and you'll see many stones with nothing more than the person's name, date of birth and date of death. If you can't think of a special quote or other sentiment to say on the memorial, it's better to leave the stone blank than inscribe something which leaves people wondering how that related to the person buried there. Otherwise, consider the bare stone to be a canvas on which you can place words that cause people to smile and nod when they read them.

Examples of Different Types of Inscriptions

Simple and Traditional - The words "Rest in Peace" may be all that is necessary to state the family's wishes for the deceased.

Spiritual Phrases - Such statements as "Reunited With The Lord" affirm the person's belief system about where they may be headed after their passing.

Song References - For the musician or music lover, an inscription such as "They Are Somewhere Over the Rainbow" conveys their connection with music in their lives.

Favorite Quotation - From humorous to thought-provoking, quotations from famous individuals, such as "Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without" by the Buddha, will give people a sense of how the person saw the world.

Character Statements - You may choose to make a statement about how others saw the person, such as "She Was Always There With An Open Heart And A Helping Hand." Phrases such as "Loving Mother, Teacher and Friend" express how the family and friends perceived the person.

Recognition of Achievement - Take the opportunity to highlight an important accomplishment in the person's life, such as "Founder of the Trailfinders Mountaineering Group."

Spotlight a Favorite Passion - Share a favorite pastime in which the person engaged, such as "Always The Mariner As He Sails Off Into The Sunset."

Take some time to find those few words that best express the nature of the person. It will be read by people passing through the cemetery, and they'll know from the inscription that someone loved the person enough to etch those important words into stone for them.

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