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Three Benefits of Cremation

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Taking the time to preplan your funeral can reduce the amount of work your surviving family members have to handle after your death. When it comes to thinking about your funeral arrangements, one of the biggest decisions to make is choosing whether you wish to go the traditional route of having your body embalmed and buried or the alternative of being cremated. The latter is becoming a popular choice for Americans; 45 percent of deceased Americans were cremated in 2013, and industry experts expect this number to continue to trend upward. If you're not sure if cremation is the right option for you, here are three benefits to understand.

It's Cheaper Than Being Buried

If you're concerned about the financial toll your death will have on your family, cremation can be favorable. This option costs significantly less money than going the traditional route of a burial. While the exact cost you pay for being buried or being cremated can depend on several factors, including the cost of the casket, being cremated usually costs about one-third of the price of being buried. Cremation doesn't require a number of costly processes common during burials. On the other hand, having your body embalmed is a significant expense and ornate caskets can cost several thousand dollars.

It Gives Your Family Greater Flexibility

Many people favor cremation because of the flexibility it provides. An embalmed body must be buried in a matter of days, which means that your family will have to rush to prepare for your funeral. With a cremation, meanwhile, the family can schedule a funeral at a date that suits everyone, especially those who have to travel a significant distance to pay their respects. Additionally, many people who opt for cremation wish to be remembered at a memorial service, which can be held at a time of the family's choosing and doesn't have to adhere to a formal structure. This funeral alternative is appealing to people who wish their post-death event to be more of a celebration of life than an opportunity to mourn.

It's Friendly to the Earth

If you're the type of person who wishes to reduce the environmental impact you have on the earth, you might struggle with the idea of being buried in a large casket. If you're cremated, however, you'll have far less of an impact on the earth due to needing a smaller burial plot. Or, you might choose to have your ashes placed in a memorial wall, which also provides minimal impact to the earth.

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