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How To Save The Most Money When Planning A Funeral

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If you have to make sure that you are careful not go over your budget on a funeral that you are planning, you will want to review the following tips. 

Buy The Casket Elsewhere

Do not make the mistake of assuming that you are only able to purchase the casket from the funeral home. While they do generally offer a few options for you to pick from, they might not have the best prices. Therefore, you can look online through the websites of major retailers or casket manufacturers that sell directly to the public. This will allow you to comparison shop and possibly even take advantage of sales or clearance prices.

You can have the casket shipped directly to your home and then transport it to the funeral home yourself. You may also have the option of having it shipped to directly to the funeral home. However, it is vital that you get permission from the funeral home first so that they will accept the delivery and know who it is for.

Skip The Extra Long Viewing Schedule

Extra days for viewing will cost additional money that you might not be in a position to spend. If you have friends and family that are coming in from out of town, ask the funeral home to postpone the viewing for an additional day or two. This gives everyone the chance to arrive into town to pay their final respects without the extra expense for additional days of viewing.

Consider Cremation Services

With cremation services, you can still have a viewing. You can simply rent a casket from the funeral home since the deceased is not in the casket upon cremation.

Not only does this save money on the expense of purchasing a casket, but you will not have to pay for a burial plot or headstone. Some people do still opt to use a burial plot for the ashes, but that is simply a personal choice. There are many people who will keep the ashes in a nice urn or spread them at a location that was a favorite of the deceased.

With the previously mentioned tips in mind, you should have no trouble determining the best way for you to save some money. Should you find that you are still in need of additional assistance, you can always schedule a time to speak with the funeral home director. He or she may be able to give other suggestions as to how you can save as much money as possible. One company that might be able to help you is Pineview Funeral Service.