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Thinking About Cremation? 3 Ways Cremation Will Impact Your Loved Ones

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Cremation is increasing in popularity in the United states because it is less expensive than traditional burial and more environmentally friendly. It is becoming so popular, in fact, that more than 40 percent of people who die are cremated. When you compare that number with the mere 3 percent who were cremated in the late 1950s, you can see that the number of cremations has increased dramatically throughout the years. And the trend is expected to continue as our population grows. Other countries are leading the way. It's not uncommon for up to 90 percent of people to be cremated in England and Japan. 

If you're considering cremation, it's important that you consider your own wishes and beliefs as well as those of your family. Following are just a few ways cremation will affect your loved ones after you're gone. 

Financial Burden

Cremation places a smaller financial burden on your family, which is a huge factor to consider, especially if you don't have life insurance. A typical burial can cost up to $7,000 or more while the cost for cremation can be less than $1,000, depending on if your family has a memorial service or chooses other options that can add to the cost. Other factors, such as urn selection, can affect the price as well. If you want to go all out, you can even have your ashes turned into an ocean reef, which will cost you around $7,000. However, the cost for cremation is almost always lower than burial. 

Grieving Place

There are benefits and drawbacks associated with cremation and the grieving process. First, there will not be a physical location, a burial plot, where your family can grieve. While some find having a physical location to grieve essential, others do not. If you're cremated, on the other hand, your family can take you with them if they were ever to move, a feat that's impossible if you're buried. Since each person grieves differently, it might be a good idea to talk to your family about their needs. 

Keeping You

After your cremation, your family will have to do something with your ashes. Whether they decide to keep you in an urn, passing you down through generations, or scatter your ashes in your favorite spot, they will have to make a decision and maybe even several decisions throughout the years regarding your ashes. Be sure to consider this as well and make sure your wishes are communicated to your loved ones. 

As you can see, there are several ways that cremation will affect your family after you pass away. While it's ultimately your decision, it's still important to consider those you leave behind before you make any decisions. For more specifics, talk to a professional like Marine Park Funeral Home Inc.